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Beautiful to sane, as dynamic to different
Minute by minute getting more consistent
Connecting lots so the lines getting faded
We put the time in; love it if it’s fated.
We cut the plot from the cloth of fortune
That’s why the arc of the story’s never boring
Got a glimpse of a beautiful sea
Now I’ll float back up the creek.

Some Sparks never get to stay
Like a sun-spark glistens on a wave
Some arcs got a funny shape
But the story is engraved

The sun shone bright this morning
It was a brighter sun
I felt orbital, boring yet adorable
A dumb rock dancing ‘round a big, bright ball
A rooster crowing at a snow white swan
His raspy song to the princess of ponds
The cattails and the asteroids will say
“He tried his best in every way”
A clear impression made
An exceptional success in the history of bets

Out of my slumbering state
the reality is, the bet was safe
The orbit balanced, the song was great
And the bright sun kissed my face.


from Ace Imagery, released November 26, 2013
Performed, produced and mixed by Sam Anderson



all rights reserved


Arkomo Seattle, Washington

The Debut project from Seattle-based producer Sam Anderson

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