Ace Imagery

by Arkomo

(free) 02:47


released November 26, 2013

Performed, produced and mixed by Sam Anderson.



all rights reserved


Arkomo Seattle, Washington

The Debut project from Seattle-based producer Sam Anderson

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Track Name: Dirty Flag
What the witness saw, they cut me off
From another form, from a short report
They took me in and dropped me off
And they said ‘just sing if you need to talk’

(refrain) -You get it in song-

Before the court, I found my strength
And I told the court what I had seen
The scrutiny made me feel sharp
But the hardest part was to know my heart.

(refrain) -You get it in song-

And the statement stood, like a dirty flag
You fought the war and you made it back
And all of the things that are left of home
Will respect the colors you have flown.
Track Name: Congratulations
I could try to make a fire, or I could try to make a bed. Or just stay up to make sure that nothing leaves my head and certain things are left unsaid. Sometimes I need to talk to strangers, a couple come around at night. But just to tell me things are gonna be alright. They say things are gonna be alright.

Congratulations on the upgrade. Yeah, you should give yourself a break. You’ve been working so damn hard to make it from the failure safe and now you’re at the plate. I could play a couple faces in place of being who I feel but if I save up all that energy I know that I can put it into something real.

Things are gonna be alright. Everything is good if it’s good in light. Anything surrenders if you shoot it right and anything will die if the poison flies. Yeah, make the mix sweeter, I want to go to sleep but I’m relying on a fire for my heat.
Track Name: Spark
Beautiful to sane, as dynamic to different
Minute by minute getting more consistent
Connecting lots so the lines getting faded
We put the time in; love it if it’s fated.
We cut the plot from the cloth of fortune
That’s why the arc of the story’s never boring
Got a glimpse of a beautiful sea
Now I’ll float back up the creek.

Some Sparks never get to stay
Like a sun-spark glistens on a wave
Some arcs got a funny shape
But the story is engraved

The sun shone bright this morning
It was a brighter sun
I felt orbital, boring yet adorable
A dumb rock dancing ‘round a big, bright ball
A rooster crowing at a snow white swan
His raspy song to the princess of ponds
The cattails and the asteroids will say
“He tried his best in every way”
A clear impression made
An exceptional success in the history of bets

Out of my slumbering state
the reality is, the bet was safe
The orbit balanced, the song was great
And the bright sun kissed my face.
Track Name: Pond
I might’ve spoke a little too soon
I felt like I had to say something before I left the room
And whatever words came out seemed to doom
Any chances of a smooth swoon
But you didn’t crack a joke
When I let on that I had a couple feelings making smoke
And you would call a fire a fire
So I figured that I’d tell you what I thought

-She moves like a spirit, commanding her limbs like tornadoes of rhythm-

I might’ve bit off more than I could chew
But unless I kept my mouth shut that was all that I could do
And you could stick to stoking the fire
Until I got the nerve to light it off
I had pushed myself into the pond
And I could not start swimming ‘til you started to respond
But you dried all the water with your wand
And I landed safely on my feet.

-She moves like a spirit, commanding her limbs like tornadoes of rhythm-
Track Name: Full
Where I keep my water in the glass half full
Everything poetic, everything has pull.

(refrain) -My heart-
Track Name: Scene Too
I wanna be scene too
I know everyone who ever was and I can see them too. Everyone is here.
And we’re all up with our love and the writing is just because.

Color the book you like
It will never change the blackened line, it is too well defined.
You must turn the page.

(refrain) -Don’t ever say, you’re on top, cause you topple when you stop-

Never a hurtful word
You would never shake the singing bird to tell him he’s absurd so he never learns.
To dress the wounds on his own with the sting of painful growth.

(refrain) -Don’t ever say, you’re on top, cause you topple when you stop-
Track Name: Liberation
Sinning’s got a backbeat. I’ll play if you give me the fate and give me the space. I said I would be right on time and she took the offer hook and line.

(refrain) -Punctual, punctual, punctual. I’m punctual.

Hold on tightly to the chord, there’s a chance I’ll pull you overboard. Down into the depth I dig, there’s a chance I could get sick. Reject the hook and spit and resolve to be a better fish, with functioning emotions on a switch and the strength to keep it strict.

(refrain) -Functual, functual, functual. I’m functual- *

* ”Functual” is not a real word.
Track Name: Close
You can make me, You can make me feel it but it’s hard to get close.
That makes me difficult to know.
I found another issue to tack on the post
I talk but I’m closed.

One day I came out with a kiss and the fear ruined the dish
Leaving a hungry, selfish gift.
Did you believe I could handle the switch?
I gave the impression my direction was fixed
And the switch came on sudden and strong.

(refrain) -You can make me, you can make me feel it but it’s hard to get close.
Track Name: In the Fall
A ballet dancer on a boat
Poetic in movement but slave to the lope
The waves crash against their hope
Never successfully stopping the show
Some days the storm seems to know
Exactly the angle to blow
Surprised? No
Challenge accepted as so
And lesson applied to growth.

That unsettling motion of fate will dizzy your dance every day
So take what you’re given and live what you make.

In the fall you become what the fall has done
Might as well have some fun
In the end
They can sense
Not a flaw
Through the nonstop onslaught.